Bird Marella Prevails at Trial for KST Data Inc. in Breach of Contract Suit

Attorneys Gary Lincenberg, Nicole Rodriguez Van Dyk, Ashley Bowman and Jonathan Jackson prevailed in a federal bench trial, winning a multimillion-dollar judgment against Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation for client, KST Data, Inc., in a breach of contract and implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing suit.

The dispute arose after Northrop refused to pay KST for tech equipment it had procured at Northrop’s direction, claiming that a contractual termination provision requiring payment did not apply because Northrop had merely “paused” the contract.

Bird Marella successfully convinced the Court that Northrop’s actions breached its contract with KST. On June 10, The Honorable Michael W. Fitzgerald rejected Northrop’s attempt to read the termination provision out of its contract and ruled in favor of KST’s claims, awarding the company millions in damages.

The recent win marks a string of six consecutive victories achieved on behalf of the Los Angeles-based technology company, after obtaining summary judgment in a parallel civil suit in 2019 against a Hewlett Packard entity.

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