In 1981, we started as a small group of attorneys, who understand that the best way to resolve a dispute is to be prepared to take the case to trial. In a profession that often encourages expansion at the expense of commitment to culture, we have developed an uncommon bond among our colleagues. This common purpose is reflected in the development of four generations of excellent trial lawyers, a commitment to ethics and professionalism, and a dedication to continually supporting each other’s efforts both inside and outside the courtroom. 

The firm’s civil and white collar experience spans virtually every contentious commercial issue to arise in the past 40 years, from antitrust, insider trading, RICO, healthcare, and environmental matters to consumer class actions, entertainment royalty disputes, intellectual property, and Internet commerce litigation.   

From representing the Alaska Public Utilities Commission in a multi-year investigation in the early 1980s to successfully defending the intellectual property rights of global K-pop sensation BTS in the early 2020s, Bird Marella has and continues to take on some of the most complex and high-stakes litigation and investigations in the country.