Spying on Your Cell Phone Just Got a Little Harder

Mr. Neuman is a former federal prosecutor who represents individual and corporate clients confronting government investigations and prosecutions, complex business disputes, and regulatory and civil proceedings. He is an accomplished trial lawyer who has seen numerous cases through to successful jury verdicts and appeals.

Mr. Neuman regularly represents corporate executives, financial and medical professionals, business owners, and the entities they control. His most recent cases involve allegations of securities fraud, False Claims Act violations, health care fraud, money laundering, tariff violations, drug misbranding, and other offenses. He also is retained by clients involved in civil cases related to partnership disputes, protection of trade secrets, and enforcement actions brought by the SEC, FTC, and other state and federal agencies. As part of his practice, Mr. Neuman regularly conducts internal investigations related to accounting issues, potential FCPA violations, and related matters for national and multi-national corporations.

Before joining Bird Marella in 2014, Mr. Neuman served as an Assistant United States Attorney in Los Angeles for almost seven years. He led numerous high profile investigations and prosecutions of white collar and violent crimes, and was also responsible for the domestic portion of several international investigations. During his tenure at the US Attorneys’ office, Mr. Neuman handled cases involving securities fraud, tax evasion, real estate fraud, health care fraud, art fraud, bank fraud, counterfeit currency, computer crimes, and more. He is among the most experienced federal RICO prosecutors in the country now in private practice, having prosecuted over 200 individuals for violating federal racketeering laws.

While with the government, Mr. Neuman was named Prosecutor of the Year by the Federal Law Enforcement Officers’ Association, and received numerous commendations and awards for his service.

Mr. Neuman serves as a Visiting Faculty member at the Harvard Law School, where every winter he teaches courtroom presentation and advocacy skills to second and third-year law students, and where he has been a featured presenter on closing arguments and expert witness examinations.

Representative Cases

  • Matters at Bird Marella
    Represented one of the largest minority-owned broker/dealers in a FINRA arbitration and successfully defeated a demand for a permanent injunction regarding certain business practices related to muni bonds and fixed income investments.

  • Represented a patent attorney under investigation for violation of the Hobbs Act (extortion involving threats of financial harm). Mr. Neuman set the stage for his client to get immunity from the Department of Justice.

  • Represented an individual under investigation for antitrust, anti-competitive activities in the public works construction area. The investigation was closed without any charges being filed against Mr. Neuman’s client.

  • Represented an immigration attorney charged with securities fraud and other violations by the SEC related to the attorney’s work on behalf of clients seeking EB-5 visas.

  • Represents a corporate executive under investigation by criminal and civil authorities in the United States and the United Kingdom for alleged accounting fraud related to a multi-billion dollar corporate acquisition. The matter is still pending.

  • Represented a financial professional involved in a dispute with his former business partners, who attempted to freeze Mr. Neuman’s client’s out of the partnership and deprive him of his rightful assets and membership interests. The matter was confidentially settled to the satisfaction of Mr. Neuman’s client.

  • Represented two prominent physicians under investigation for alleged Medicare and Medicaid fraud. The United States Attorney’s Office and Department of Health and Human Services – Office of the Inspector General, closed the investigation without filing any charges against Mr. Neuman’s clients.

  • Conducted an internal investigation for the Chinese subsidiary of a US-based technology company. The investigation focused on possible FCPA and tax violations, and was concluded without any finding of wrong-doing.

  • Represents a business owner and related company facing federal charges of money laundering and financial reporting crimes. Mr. Neuman and his colleagues successfully argued for the suppression of evidence illegally seized from one of the client’s business locations. The case is still pending.

  • Represents a corporate executive facing a civil contempt action brought by the Federal Trade Commission. This case is on hold while other litigation continues, but to date Mr. Neuman has successfully prevented the FTC from deposing his client.

  • Represented a number of witness subpoenaed to testify by the California Attorney General before a criminal grand jury in Riverside County. Several of the witnesses were granted immunity as a result of Mr. Neuman and his colleagues’ efforts.

  • Matters at the U.S. Attorney’s Office
    In a three-week jury trial of a defendant charged with crimes related to tax evasion, art theft, and art fraud, Mr. Neuman and a colleague secured convictions on all charges. Mr. Neuman joined the case only weeks before trial, took over opening and closing arguments as well as the examination of numerous key witnesses, and earned accolades for his trial advocacy skills from colleagues and onlookers.

  • Mr. Neuman led the investigation and prosecution of over a dozen defendants involved in a $20 million mortgage and bank fraud scheme involving short sale and lending fraud on over 35 properties around Southern California. Among the defendants was a former bank officer who accepted bribes to manipulate the bank’s short sale process. Mr. Neuman received a special commendation from the Federal Bureau of Investigation for his efforts in this matter.

  • Mr. Neuman and a colleague obtained a conditional guilty plea on the day of trial from a licensed medical doctor who admitted issuing prescriptions for highly addictive narcotic drugs and other medications without a legitimate medical purpose and in exchange for cash. Mr. Neuman successfully defended the conviction before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal.

  • After a Santa Barbara-based hotel developer and former bank officer defrauded various banks and credit unions and obtained millions of dollars in loans, Mr. Neuman secured a pre-indictment guilty plea and an order of restitution for the victims.

  • In a matter that garnered world-wide media attention, Mr. Neuman and a colleague secured the extradition to Mexico of a producer of television shows such as “Survivor” and “Pimp My Ride.” In Mexico, the defendant faced charges of murdering his wife at a Cancun resort and then fleeing back to the United States.

  • Mr. Neuman has prosecuted over 200 defendants for violations of federal racketeering (“RICO”) laws. The defendants were members and associates of the Mexican Mafia, as well as several Los Angeles-based gangs. As part of these and related cases, Mr. Neuman won several jury trials where defendants were convicted of RICO charges, murder conspiracy charges, alien smuggling offenses, firearms offenses, and narcotics distribution charges. His efforts were recognized repeatedly in awards and commendations from various organizations.


  • Visiting Faculty, Harvard Law School: Trial Advocacy Workshop
  • Member, American Bar Association: Criminal Justice Section, Health Law Section, Section of Real Property, Trust and Estate Law, Section of Litigation
  • Member, Federal Bar Association: Federal Litigation Section, Criminal Law Section, Health Law Section, Securities Law Section
  • Member, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

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Bird Marella Principals Gary Lincenberg and Ariel Neuman will be featured presenters at the American Bar Association's 31st Annual National Institute on White Collar Crime.  Mr. Neuman will participate as a panelist to discuss the topic, "Significant Legal Developments in the Regions," on Wednesday, March 8th at ...

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Backpage.com Dismissal Does Not Solve Websites’ Woes

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Spying on Your Cell Phone Just Got a Little Harder

Judges and legislators around the country are making it a little harder for law enforcement to spy on you through cell phone.  All the recent activity revolves around a device called StingRay (and its main competitor, Triggerfish) which acts as a cell tower site simulator.  That means that when a ...

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Other News & Events

  • Panelist, ABA 31st Annual National Institute on White Collar Crime, "Significant Legal Developments in the Regions" (March 8, 2017)
  • Co-Presenter, 2016 Federal Bar Association CLE Luncheon, "Ethical and Effective Use of Advance Wavers in Criminal and Civil Cases" (July 28, 2016)
  • Interviewee, Law360 Feature Story on U.S. Supreme Court’s Opinion on Betterman v. Montana (May 20, 2016)
  • Interviewee, STAT News Feature Story on Criminal Investigation of Theranos (April 19, 2016)
  • Speaker, Tax Resolution Institute 2015 Seminar, “Criminal Tax Cases (Priorities, Practices, And Tactics)” (July 17, 2015)
  • Guest Speaker, KPCC 89.3 Southern California Public Radio Discussion on Prosecutors Seeking Death Penalty in Fatal LAX Shooting (January 5, 2015)
  • Guest Interviewee, The Associated Press Feature Story on FBI Seizure of LAUSD iPad Documents (December 2, 2014)
  • Panelist, California Society for Healthcare Attorneys Fall Seminar, “Hospice, Home Health and Physical Therapy – Government Audits and Investigations” (November 7, 2014)
  • Panelist, 2014 IMN Crowdfunding Forum for Real Estate, “Managing Risks, Including Fraud, Inherent in Crowdfunding” (September 9, 2014)
  • Co-Author, “United States: White-Collar Criminal Defence,” Global Investigations Review, October, 2014 (with Gary Lincenberg)
  • Co-Author, “Custodial Interrogations: What We Know, What We Do, and What We Can Learn From Law Enforcement Experiences,” in Educing Information – Interrogation: Science & Art, National Defense Intelligence College Press, 2006 (with D. Salinas)