Former Federal Judge A. Howard Matz brings a unique perspective to the alternative dispute resolution practice he actively maintains. Before assuming his position as a United States District Judge in 1998, Howard Matz was an extremely versatile trial lawyer for 28 years.


He represented Fortune 100 corporations, individual entrepreneurs, lawyers and law firms, academic institutions and other clients in federal and state court, in arbitrations, as plaintiffs or defendants, and in numerous jury trials.  In addition, he had substantial experience as a prosecutor and white collar defense lawyer.  During the fifteen years Judge Matz served on the bench, he presided over hundreds of cases spanning the broad scope of federal jurisdiction.  Having decided to re-join Bird Marella, which he had previously co-founded in the early 1980s, he now enjoys the advantage of having direct insight into how law currently is practiced at the highest levels of excellence and integrity.  Seeing and working with such lawyers provides an enhanced appreciation of what counsel are seeking in ADR proceedings.  Of course, the Firm’s active practice could invite conflicts, so before accepting any ADR engagement Judge Matz and Bird Marella conduct the most rigorous conflict checks and Judge Matz provides unusually complete disclosures to counsel.

At times, Judge Matz works with recognized ADR providers, including FedArb, the AAA, and ADR Services, which typically handle the administrative functions, including billing.  In those matters where he provides his services directly, the Firm charges no administrative fee.