Sandhya Ramadas Discusses Passage of AB 351 in the Daily Journal

Bird Marella Associate Sandhya Ramadas authored the article, “AB 351 Statewide Ban on Incarcerations Without Trial” published by the Daily Journal. AB 351, which prevents the implementation of indefinite detention for any reason, was signed into California law in October of 2013. In reaction to the 2012 National Defense Authorization ...

John Rubiner Co-Authors Article on General Evidentiary Issues For Workplace-Related ESI

Bird Marella principal John Rubiner co-authored the article, “General Evidentiary Issues For Workplace-Related ESI,” published by Bloomberg BNA. The article provides a brief overview of the evidentiary case issues and requirements, and also refers to employment law cases when applicable, as both types of cases typically encounter the same issues.

Jessica Kornberg Discusses Slide in Number of Female Associates

Bird Marella Associate Jessica Kornberg , a member of the American Bar Association’s Commission on Women in the Profession, discusses recent trends in law school applications and the related “pipeline” issue for law firms in the Daily Journal December 13, 2013 cover page article, “Proportion of female associates continues 4-year slide”.