Ariel Neuman Interviewed by KNX-AM

Bird Marella principal Ariel Neuman was recently interviewed by Heather Jordan of KNX-AM on criminal groups that avoid detection and target international trade companies for money laundering. To listen to the segment, please click below:

Ariel Neuman Interviewed by Law360 on SESTA

Bird Marella principal Ariel A. Neuman was interviewed by Law360 regarding the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA), a new law aiming to make it easier for law enforcement to sue websites that host sex-trafficking ads. The article addresses concerns of the legislation threatening online free speech and potentially forcing smaller business to ...

Paul Chan and Gopi Panchapakesan Analyze New ‘Domestic Injury’ Rule Under Civil RICO

Bird Marella Managing Principal Paul Chan and Associate Gopi Panchapakesan authored an expert analysis for Law 360, “The Far-Reaching New ‘Domestic Injury’ Rule Under Civil RICO.” The article delves into the Supreme Court’s pronouncement in 2016 that private RICO plaintiffs must allege and prove a domestic injury, and considers what might ...

Paul Chan Authors Article on Food Label Lawsuits

Bird Marella principal Paul Chan authored the article, “Liable Labels,” published by Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine. The article addresses the recent rise of food manufactures facing class action lawsuits alleging false or misleading food labeling, in addition to heightened scrutiny from government regulators.