Naeun Rim Authors Article on Favorable California Supreme Court Ruling in ALADS v. Superior Court

Principal Naeun Rim authored the Daily Journal article, “Ruling Preserves Pitchess Statute Constitutionality, For Now.” The article details the recent California Supreme Court’s decision to reverse the Court of Appeal’s decision in ALADS v. Superior Court, and hold that a law enforcement agency does not violate California officer confidentially statues by alerting prosecutors to the fact that an officer’s personnel file may contain Brady material.

Rim, who filed amicus briefs on behalf of several organizations in favor of reversing the Court of Appeal’s decision, provides insight as to how the California Supreme Court ruling significantly alleviates the conflict between constitutional Brady obligations and Pitchess statutes. And, while the ruling does not completely resolve all issues, it does provide much-needed clarity on the law for California prosecutors and law enforcement agencies going forward.

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