Mitchell Kamin Discusses Legal Issues of Social Gaming with the Daily Journal

Mitchell Kamin discusses the potential legal implications associated with online gambling in the Daily Journal August 1, 2013 article, “Social Gaming Spins Web of Legal Questions”.

Social gaming giant Zynga, Inc. was expected to enter into real-money gambling, however, due to a myriad of legal complications they decided not to pursue the idea. Mr. Kamin explained the legal issues companies should consider when starting a game online where customers pay to play, as they will run into serious legal issues.

“With the social gaming arena rapidly growing, attorneys are increasingly being sought out by game developers to consult on the maze of legal issues that can pop up,” says Mr. Kamin. “Litigation brought against game operators has so far been minimal, but it’s likely to become a greater possibility as these games grow.”

Furthermore, Mr. Kamin discusses other issues concerning social gaming, such as companies complying with gambling laws, users’ property rights over virtual goods and implementing careful user agreements to avoid lawsuits.