Gary Lincenberg Discusses Economic Espionage in Inside Counsel

Principal Gary Lincenberg was featured in the article, “Trade Secret Pirates and IP Thieves Cost the U.S. Billions” published by Inside Counsel discussing the challenges U.S. companies face when dealing with theft of trade secrets and other forms of economic espionage. Mr. Lincenberg says companies often fend for themselves when filing civil lawsuits partly because most of the thievery is done overseas, which makes it difficult to prosecute.

However, Mr. Lincenberg explains, “As U.S. treaties with foreign governments strengthen and our ability to capture information from the cloud improves, we will be less dependent on traditional subpoenas.” Having dealt with intellectual property theft cases and witnessed the damage they cause to the national economy, he predicts politicians will compel the Department of Justice to allocate more resources to fight espionage.

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