Corporate Counsel Speaks to Jeremy Matz on Preventing and Responding to Cybercrime

Principal Jeremy D. Matz is featured in a Corporate Counsel article entitled “California is Named the U.S. Capital of Cyberattacks”. Mr. Matz discusses the proliferation of cybercrime in California and the role of corporate general counsel in protecting their companies from it.  As highlighted in a pair of California Attorney General Office reports, California is hit by more cyberattacks than any other state.

With cybercrime on the rise nationally and internationally, Mr. Matz advises general counsel to become proactive in the cyberbattle, especially in California. “The general attitude of companies should not be ‘if’ but ‘when’. They need to assume that they are a prime target.”

Mr. Matz explains that, in certain circumstances, victimized companies may have legitimate reasons to notify law enforcement and regulators before alerting the public. He also recommends that companies retain a specialized cyberfirm to assist in security precautions and damage control. “Law firms can help,” he said, “but cyberfirms are invaluable.”

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