Naeun Rim Achieves Complete Defense Victory for CEO in Federal Movie Fraud Case

Principal Naeun Rim achieved the dismissal of all remaining felony wire and mail fraud counts against the CEO of a movie financing and production company, resulting in a complete case victory. The CEO was originally charged with 19 counts of felony mail and wire fraud alleging that he and the company had defrauded investors. As lead trial counsel, Rim obtained acquittals and dismissals of 16 out of the 19 counts. The Ninth Circuit reversed the remaining 3 counts of conviction and ordered a new trial on the basis that the financial evidence used to obtain the convictions was inadmissible. On remand, Rim spent months presenting a case for complete dismissal to the prosecution. In March 2020, the prosecutors moved for the voluntary dismissal of all remaining counts, resulting in the acquittal or dismissal of all 19 counts.