Gary Lincenberg Comments on Hadid Bel-Air Mansion Suit

Principal Gary Lincenberg was quoted in Vanity Fair and The Daily Mail regarding the ongoing civil lawsuit against real estate developer Mohamed Hadid. Lincenberg, Ariel Neuman, Shoshana Bannett, and Jimmy Threatt are representing the neighbors of Hadid who are suing the developer over his illegally constructed Bel-Air mansion, which poses significant public danger to residents residing below the hillside structure due to numerous building code violations. Last year, the team successfully obtained an order for the mansion to be demolished despite repeated attempts from Hadid to stop or delay the demolition.

“The case is about uncontroverted evidence: Hadid’s own contractors, his own architects, his own structural and geological experts, and city officials have admitted that his illegal mansion was built through lies and bribes,” stated Lincenberg. “Only Hadid, who earlier did not deny his crimes, now denies them.”

Lincenberg added, “That’s why a judge found it to be a clear and present danger. That’s why Hadid was convicted for his criminal construction. That’s why the criminal judge ordered him to demolish the illegal construction. That’s why the City Attorney should press for the criminal judge to hold Hadid accountable for violating the judge’s order. That’s why a criminal judge, a bankruptcy judge, a civil judge, a court of appeals, and the State Supreme Court have all rejected his false arguments.”