Benjamin Gluck Speaks with The New York Times on the Compounded Medicines Industry

Principal Benjamin Gluck was featured in the article, “Pharmacies Turn Drugs Into Profits, Pitting Insurers vs. Compounders,” published by The New York Times discussing the sky-high priced and increasingly prescribed compounded medicines, which have led to the June Orange County grand jury indictments of doctors, chiropractors, pharmacists and other medical professionals for alleged kickbacks based on the profitability of the compound ingredients.

Kareem Ahmed, head of Ontario-based Landmark Medical Management, is one of the professionals named in the 44-count indictment. The lawyer for Mr. Ahmed, Mr. Gluck stated, “Mr. Ahmed and Landmark complied with all applicable laws at all times and we expect to be fully vindicated.”

Mr. Gluck said the prosecution’s legal theory was “defective and has never been accepted by any court.” He added that selling accounts receivable, a practice known as factoring, was “a common and completely legitimate business practice” that was “especially necessary in the medical field because insurance companies make it so difficult, time-consuming and expensive for providers to collect on their bills.”

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