Dorothy Wolpert Achieves Multimillion-Dollar Settlement for Displaced Tenants in Pro Bono Matter

In a pro bono case spanning nearly two years, principal Dorothy Wolpert and attorneys from the Inner City Law Center (ICLC) obtained a favorable settlement on behalf of 50 tenants displaced from a South Los Angeles apartment building plagued by housing code violations. The plaintiffs, many of whom were children, were living in substandard conditions for years and exposed to rodent infestation, fire and electrical safety issues, and gang activity while residing in the building. Plaintiffs also endured harassment, discrimination, and retaliation from the landlords and owners and were ultimately forced out so the owners could demolish the building and build new condos. After several months of mediations, Wolpert and the ICLC secured over $2 million in damages and relocation benefits as part of the settlement, allowing the plaintiffs transition to safer housing.