Bird Marella Prevails at Trial on Behalf of Fortune 500 Company in Multi-Million Dollar Wrongful Termination Suit

Principal Jeremy Matz and associate Ray Seilie prevailed in a four-week jury trial on behalf of their client, a Fortune 500 information technology consulting services company, in a multi-million dollar wrongful termination lawsuit brought by 18 Plaintiffs. The Plaintiffs, former employees of a healthcare company that hired Bird Marella’s client as an independent contractor, claimed that they were wrongfully terminated by the healthcare company, and also alleged that Bird Marella’s client intentionally interfered with their employment contracts with the healthcare company. Through cross-examination of the Plaintiffs and other witnesses, Matz and Seilie successfully convinced the Court that their client had no say in the healthcare company’s employment decisions and did nothing more than perform the services that the healthcare company requested. On June 6, the Court granted Bird Marella’s motion for a judgment of nonsuit, terminating the case in the client’s favor before it ever reached the jury for deliberations.