Hernán Vera Publicly Critical of Troubling Changes in Disciplinary Policies of Sheriff Villanueva

Principal Hernán Vera was quoted in the Los Angeles Times article, “Sheriff’s Department Killing More Misconduct Investigations Under Villanueva, Report Finds,” discussing inactivated internal investigations under Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva.  According to a report by the Los Angeles County Office of Inspector General, 45 investigations of department personnel were inactivated within a two-month span, many of which involved criminal allegations such as child abuse, domestic violence and having sexual relations with an inmate. The interim leader of the Los Angeles County Office of Inspector General, Rodrigo A. Castro-Silva, found that 31 of the 45 inactivated investigations did not meet the criteria which allows for a case to be inactivated.

“To have such a large number of inactivations is — literally — to cover the public’s eyes on these matters before the truth comes out,” said Mr. Vera. “It is the exact opposite of transparency.”

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