Breaking HIPAA News – Senator Concerned That Walgreens Pharmacists Are Coming Around the Counter To Talk With Customers

Walgreens Pharmacy has implemented a new store model called Walgreens Well Experience.  According to the company, one aspect of the model is to have “pharmacists out front:”

You’ve got questions, we now have pharmacists out in front of the counter to more easily provide answers and offer a more personalized experience. At Walgreens we believe nothing should come between you and your health. Including counters.

Apparently, the dangers of this model couldn’t get by the scrutiny of Senator Ed Markey (D) of Massachusetts.  On October 14, he sent Walgreens a letter demanding to know how the new store model would comply with HIPAA.

I’ve stood in line at many a pharmacy, including Walgreens, and I’d say that being able to move to the side to talk with the pharmacist may be a whole lot more private that shouting across the counter.  In any event, I’m sure Senator Markey will get to the bottom of this critical issue.