Bird Marella Obtains Summary Judgment for Tech Company in Breach of Contract Suit

Gary Lincenberg, Nicole Rodriguez Van Dyk, and Ashley Bowman obtained summary judgment on behalf of their client, a prominent Los Angeles-based technology company, winning a complete victory for the company in its breach of contract lawsuit. The victory caps a string of wins in the case, including the dismissal of all counter-claims against company executives at the outset of the litigation.

The lawsuit, filed by Bird Marella on behalf of its client in 2017, alleged that the defendant had breached its contracts with the tech company by failing to pay millions of dollars for IT services and equipment. The defendant asserted breach of contract and fraud counterclaims against the company and its executive, alleging that the company had performed unauthorized work on behalf of a third party. The Bird Marella defense team secured a complete dismissal of all fraud claims against the company and all claims against the executive when the Court granted Bird Marella’s motion to dismiss at the pleading stage.

On March 13, the Bird Marella defense team secured summary judgment and millions of dollars for the company by convincing the Court that the defendant had breached its payment obligations, while Bird Marella’s client had complied with all of its contractual obligations.