Bird Marella Obtains Injunctive Relief on Behalf of Real Estate Development Companies

Bird Marella attorneys Paul Chan and Aparna Mathur recently succeeded in obtaining injunctive relief on behalf of several real estate development LLCs in a corporate governance dispute concerning high-end residential properties in the San Gabriel valley.  The firm’s individual clients had been abruptly removed from management of the LLCs by their major investor, an individual residing in China. Thereafter, numerous multi-million dollar bank loans on the properties proceeded to default and the properties fell into disrepair.

After several rounds of emergency motions, Mr. Chan and Ms. Mathur  were able to first obtain a preliminary injunction prohibiting the investor from selling the property without the clients’ consent, and then succeeded in obtaining an order appointing a neutral third party receiver for the properties, who is now overseeing the orderly disposition of the LLC’s assets.