Bird Marella Obtains Denial of Class Certification for Xerox

After briefing and oral argument in the defense of Xerox State and Local Solutions, Inc., Bird Marella attorneys Thomas V. Reichert, David I. Hurwitz, and Ekwan E. Rhow successfully secured an order from the Federal District Court in Los Angeles, denying the plaintiffs’ motion for class certification. The plaintiffs attempted to certify a class of over 13 million individuals who received parking tickets in the City of Los Angeles, alleging that the process for contesting citations violated their statutory and constitutional rights. The plaintiffs sought millions of dollars of compensation, in addition to injunctive and declaratory relief. The Court has given plaintiffs the opportunity to refile a motion for class certification, but given the thoroughness of the Court’s 26-page ruling, the firm believes it is unlikely that plaintiffs will prevail on a renewed motion.